Pinckers Pte Ltd is a boutique photography house based in Singapore since the mid nineties.  Founded by Frank Pinckers a photographer from Belgium. 
Our studio is located in our van. We have all the necessary equipment to build a studio set up on the spot, any place, anywhere, anytime.
It was never Franks' plan to start a career in Singapore. He first came to Singapore on an assignment for a Belgian fashion Magazine and was overwhelmed by the opportunities on the tiny island. Back in Belgium he started dreaming of a tropical photographer’s life, he came back and stayed. During his early Singapore years Frank worked mostly for Batey Ads, creating black and white ads for CK Tangs and Singapore Airlines.  Frank developed his black and white films in his tiny dark room behind Newton. During that time he also shot TV commercials & MTV promo's using handheld 16 mm camera’s. As an old school photographer it took him long to make the switch to digital photography. He’s always been a bit stubborn. But once he did, a whole new world opened. He started focussing more on diverse area’s of photography: corporate, industrial, architectural, interior and aerial. With his background as fashion photographer, he keeps an interest in photographing people, always trying to capture the perfect moment. For his personal work he still prefers using analog camera's.

Johanna Vlaminck joined Frank in 2007 after more than 10 years as a writer/editor for publishing house Roularta (Belgium).  As an allrounder she is responsible for client communications, production, art direction and video editing. The video editing became a passion, a new way to express herself. Apart from the commercial video’s Johanna also creates artistic video’s for performance artists and writers.  What she likes the most about her job is the diversity of assignments, all the - crazy and less crazy -  people she meets along the way and the overseas trips. More specific to the places that she never would have visited as a tourist. 

The past years Frank and Johanna have travelled for work all over Southeast Asia. And - almost - everywhere they go,  they fall in love: with the culture, the people, the food, the scents, the colours. They feel privileged to have a job that gives them so much input. A satisfied client is always the priority but how cool it is when you also learn along the way. 

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Frank Pinckers / Photographer / / 65-97903252
Johanna Vlaminck / All rounder / / 65-93219318
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Pinckers Pte Ltd
reg no: 199307326D
6 Jalan Gajus
Singapore 438494
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